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Workshop on the Implementation of Laws and Policies on Sexual and Reproductive Health for Vietnamese Adolescents and Youth

Ha Noi, 27 August 2014 - Viet Nam is currently in the period of golden population with record numbers of young people. According to the 2009 Population and Housing Census, young people aged 10 to 30 years constitute approximately 40 per cent of the population of Viet Nam. Young people have played a significant role in Viet Nam's growth and they represent an increasingly important proportion of the labour force, both now and into the future. The issues related to their health and wellbeing, and especially sexual and reproductive health, are therefore of utmost importance to Viet Nam's productivity and development in the future. more

Conference on Policy Direction of Population and Development in Viet Nam

HA NOI, 15 August 2014 – Viet Nam has achieved middle-income country status in 2010 and has continued to sustain impressive growth rates, as a result, is on track to achieve most of the MDG targets by 2015. However, wide disparities between urban and rural areas, among geographical areas, and population groups still exist. Data from the 2009 census and other population based surveys show that Viet Nam has made impressive progress in achieving its population goals. The average Vietnamese woman now gets just two children in her lifetime. That means that Viet Nam has reached replacement level fertility, many years earlier than the Politburo's target set in the Resolution 47-NQ/TW on "Strengthening the implementation of the population and family planning policies" issued on 22 March 2005. Reductions in maternal and child mortality have been also impressive. However, progress made at the national level also masks disparities at the sub-national level. Inequalities and disparities have been increasing and are accompanied by new forms of poverty and vulnerability that will require greater attention in the coming years. more

International Youth Day, 12 August 2014: “Mental Health Matters”

A safe and healthy passage from adolescence into adulthood is the right of every child. Being healthy means not merely the absence of illness, but complete physical, mental and social well-being. An essential component of this is being able to realize one’s potential, cope with the stresses of life, build healthy relationships, work productively and participate fully in society. Yet, the mental health of young people is largely ignored and, as a result, depression is the largest cause of disability, and suicide is one of the leading causes of death among young people worldwide. On this International Youth Day, we declare, ‘Mental Health Matters’! more

Climate Change and Gender