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Awarded essays in the essay writing competition "My parents and I"

On the International Day of Older Persons in October 2015, UNFPA and HelpAge Internationa launched a writing competition "My grandparents and I" targeting students in Ha Noi. The competition aimed not only to change the social norm and stereotype about older persons, but also to inform young generation of Viet Nam to be more aware of the reality of an ageing society and to express their love and respect to their grandparents and older persons. This booklet introduces the awarded essays of the writing competition.
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Impact of changes in population age structure on Viet Nam's economic growth and policy recommendations

The study was undertaken by the Viet Nam Institute for Development Strategies (VIDS), the Ministry of Planning and nvestment (MPI) as part of the UNFPA-funded project “Support for the Implementation of the Viet Nam Statistical Development Strategy, 2011- 2020 and Utilisation of Population Information in Development Planning and Programming” for the MPI for the period of 2012-2016.
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Viet Nam Labour Force and Population Ageing


This info-graphic provides up-to-date data on labour force and population ageing in Viet Nam. It also provides data on population trend by age group and labour force participation.
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Sex Ratio at Birth in Viet Nam

New evidence from the Intercensal Population and Housing Survey in 2014

The information in this booklet is based on analysis conducted by Dr. Christophe Z. Guilmoto, a demographer with substantive experience in Sex Ratio at Birth imbalance, to share key preliminary findings based on the 2014 Inter-Census Population Survey's data.
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Some key indicators from the 2014 Intercensal Population and Housing Survey

The 2014 Intercensal Population and Housing Survey, is a large sample  survey implemented in the middle of two Population and Housing Censuses. This survey aims to estimate population size up to district level and to collect information on fertility, mortality, migration, and other demographic characteristics of the population at provincial level. To provide information for managers, policy makers, researchers, and information users in a timely fashion, the General Statistics Office has issued the pocketbook named “Some key indicators”. This publication comprises the most important 50 indicators of the survey.
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Income security for older persons in Viet Nam: Social Pensions

Joint Policy Brief by UNFPA and ILO

Viet Nam's record on economic growth and poverty reduction over the last two decades has been remarkable. However, between 2010 and 2012, income increased for most age groups except for those between 65 and 80 years. This policy brief, a new publication between the UNFPA and ILO in Viet Nam, provides data on social pensions for older persons Viet Nam in recent years. It also provides recommendations to the Government of Viet Nam to improve the outcomes of social protection policies for old age.
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Conference proceeding on the workshop “Statistical Training in Universities: National and International Experiences and the Way Forward”

A workshop on “Statistical Training in Universities: national and international experiences and the way forward” was organized in Ha Noi on 13-14 November 2013 by the General Statistics Office (GSO) - Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), with 150 participants from line ministries, universities, international development community and from some cities and provinces through-out the country. This workshop created substantial opportunities to facilitate more effective cooperation between international and national universities, and between the universities with the GSO and other statistics-related agencies to strengthen the quality of statistical capacity and human resource in Viet Nam.
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Ethnic groups in Viet Nam

An analysis of key indicators from the 2009 Viet Nam Population and Housing Census

The booklet analyses various indicators including age profiles, sex and marriage patterns; total fertility and mortality rates; levels of educational attainment and technical training, each by ethnicity withdrawing from publications generated from the 2009 Viet Nam Population and Housing Census, including the Completed Results, Major Findings1 and a series of the 2009 census monographs. Other indicators have been aggregated and calculated from the original data.
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Ageing in the Twenty-First Century: A Celebration and A Challenge

The report is the product of a collaboration of over twenty United Nations entities and major international organizations working in the area of population ageing. It analyses the current situation of older persons and reviews progress in policies and actions taken by governments and other stakeholders since the Second World Assembly on Ageing in implementing the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing to respond to the opportunities and challenges of an ageing world. It provides many inspiring examples of innovative programmes that successfully address ageing issues and the concerns of older persons.
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People with Disabilities in Viet Nam

Key findings from the 2009 Population and Housing Census

This booklet aims to provide a brief socio-economic profile of disability in Viet Nam based on the 15 per cent sample of the 2009 Viet Nam Population and Housing Census data. The specific objectives of this booklet are to (1) Provide a general picture of disability prevalence in Viet Nam; (2) Highlight the main demographic and socio-economic characteristics of PWD in comparison to that of persons without disabilities; (3) Provide disability-related policy implications.
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