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Population and development are closely related. Integrating population variables into development planning will help utilize population strengths to achieve sustainable development. Such development must also respond to population changes to meet the needs of current and future population groups, promote social equity and alleviate poverty through sustainable economic growth in the context of sustainable development. 


Nam became a lower middle-income country in 2010 and has continued to maintain impressive growth rates over the past few years. Therefore Viet Nam is expected to achieve all MDGs by 2015. However there remain significant gaps in the level of MDGs achieved between rural and urban areas, geographical regions and population groups. This requires further efforts to ensure all policy-makers fully understand the importance of integrating population factors in development planning and making it an integral part of policy-making and planning at national and local levels.

This video was produced by UNFPA in Viet Nam in September 2014. Click here to watch this video.



On the International Day of the Girl Child (11 October), Mr. Arthur Erken, UNFPA Rpresentative in Viet Nam had a talk with the Viet Nam News TV. Mr. Erken highlighted the issue of Sex Ratio at Birth imbalance in Viet Nam and called for more concerted efforts to bring an end to this serious problem.

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"When I was inside your womb, I felt your care and love given to me each day.
When you discovered I was not the son you and Dad had dreamed of,
You suffered shame and ridicule from relatives and neighbours in the village.
I realized your pain in having to decide to have a son or a daughter;
One day, you intended to leave me. But finally, you and Dad decided to let me live and grow.
I promised myself that I would always love, respect and reciprocate your and Dad's care and love for me..."

These are lyrics from "Story of a Girl Child", a song by Miss Vu Thao My, the 17 year-old winner of the popular TV singing competition The Voice Viet Nam 2013.

Produced by UNFPA in Viet Nam on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child, marked internationally on 11 October, the song sheds light on the painful issue of son preference.

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On the occasion of the World Population Day 11/7/2015, Ms. Ritsu Nacken, Representative a.i. in Viet Nam had interviews with VTV1 and VTC10 about the theme of the World Population Day "Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies". Ms. Nacken also talked about the dignity kit that UNFPA provided to women and girls of reproductive ages, who affected by the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015.

Click here to watch the VTV1 interview.

Click here to watch the VTC10 interview.