The ageing population in Viet Nam: Current status, prognosis, and possible policy responses

No. of pages: 68

Publication date: 2011

Author: UNFPA

Publisher: UNFPA

As a result of sharp reductions in fertility and mortality as well as increased life expectancy at birth, the elderly population in Viet Nam is increasing rapidly in both absolute and relative numbers. The population projections by the General Statistics Office (GSO, 2010) show that the elderly population (persons aged 60 and over) as a percent of the total population will reach 10 percent in 2017, or the Vietnamese population will enter the so-called ”aging phase” from 2017 onward.  Similar to rapid population growth, rapid population aging creates various pressures on economic growth, as well as on the infrastructure and social protection services. This report aims to provide a comprehensive review and analysis of related issues, and provide tentative recommendations for policy responses to issues related to aging in the years to come.