Press Release

Launch of the first-ever National Youth Report

30 June 2015

HA NOI, 29 June 2015 – The first-ever National Youth Report was launched today in Ha Noi by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) with technical support from the United Nations Population Fund  (UNFPA) in Viet Nam. This report demonstrates  the Government's commitment in addressing youth concerns and youth issues in the country.

Data from the 2014 Inter-Census Population Survey shows that Viet Nam has entered a "golden population" period, recording the highest proportion of young people in Viet Nam’s history. Young people between the ages of 10 to 29 years old now represent over one third of the total population. This "demographic window of opportunity" remains open until 2040, and presents Viet Nam with a one-time and unique opportunity in its history to make this golden period the driver for socio-economic prosperity, by ensuring that every young person is educated and supported to achieve his or her full potential.

Addressing the launching event, Vice Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Nguyen Duy Thang emphasized:
"Comprehensive youth development is both goals and conditions for the country's stability and sustainable development". 

The report provides a comprehensive analysis on the situation of young people in Viet Nam, focusing on prioritized thematic areas of education and training, employment and labor, health and health care and youth participation in the development and implementation of policies. It offers a timely opportunity and evidence to inform the post 2015 youth development plan, Youth Law revision and other relevant youth development policies and strategies at the national and sub-national levels in Viet Nam.

The report also shows that more efforts are needed to help young people, especially vulnerable groups, access good quality education and training,  decent employment, health care and participate in the development and implementation of policies that affects their lives.

"If we fail to invest in young people now, the result may create a society where young people are disengaged. We need to look at all policy areas that have an impact on young people at all levels of governance and develop cross-sectoral solutions. The solutions must be sufficiently resourced, and an accountability mechanism needs to be established to ensure proper implementation" said Ms. Ritsu Nacken, UNFPA Representative a.i. in Viet Nam.


Young people are central to the future development agenda. Safeguarding their rights and investing in their future by providing quality education, decent employment, effective livelihood skills, and access to sexual and reproductive health and comprehensive sexuality education that emphasizes gender equality, is essential to their development and that of their families, communities and the country as a whole. Investing in our youth is an investment in our future.