Speech of UNFPA Representative at the Launch of the Census on Population and Housing 2019

1 April 2019

Mr. Nguyen Bich Lam, Director General, General Statistics Office (GSO), Vice Chairman of the Central Steering Committee on 2019 Population and Housing Census

Mr. Nguyen Doan Toan,   Vice Chairman of the Ha Noi People’s Committee, Chairman of the Steering Committee on 2019 Population and Housing Census of Ha Noi City

Representatives of General Statistics Office and Statistics Offices off Ha Noi City

Representatives of branches and agencies of Ha Noi  City

Data enumerators, team leaders, supervisors, and Media

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very honored to be here today, together with the General Statistics Office (GSO) and the Census Steering Committee of Ha Noi City for this important event to officially launch the 2019 Population and Housing Census. This event marks very successful completion of the two-year hard-working preparation for the Census from the central to commune levels, particularly members of the Census Steering Committees, including Ha Noi Census Steering Committees,  General Statistics Office and its local branches, and more than 130 thousand enumerators, team leaders, and supervisors. I am so happy to see some of you are here today.  So a BIG CONGRATULTION to you all!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Census is no doubt the largest survey that a country has. It collects important information from all the households in the country. This 2019 Census will provide key information on population and housing, allowing us to see population changes in the last decade, covering many areas including population size and structure, fertility, mortality, migration, education, employment, disability, and housing conditions. This huge data set is a vital information source for the development, monitoring and evaluation of various socio-economic policies, strategies, and development plans at national, sub-national and sectoral levels as well as for the monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals and targets in Viet Nam.  

Indeed, the quality of data depends heavily on the how the data are collected. Therefore, the role of data enumerators and supervisors is crucial in ensuring accuracy and reliability of information collected. I trust that with your experience, knowledge and skills obtained from the training, and particularly your strong commitment, the Census will be conducted with huge success.

I would like to stress another very important thing: This 2019 Population and Housing Census is the first-ever Census in Viet Nam that applies the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in all of its phases. The use of smart phones and tablets or web-based form for data enumeration is one of many “data revolutions” in the context of the Industry 4.0. The adoption of new technology in Census will substantially improve the quality and transparency of data collected, shorten the time for data processing and early disseminate results for Census data users, especially policy makers for decision making at national and subnational levels. Across the world, some countries are leading this global trend, and Viet Nam is now joining them. I am sure we all feel very proud to be part of this revolutionary move, led by the GSO. Congratulations, Mr. Lam, and all the GSO colleagues. Congratulations to you all!

Ladies and gentlemen,

UNFPA has a long history of successful cooperation with the GSO in undertaking population and housing Censuses, starting with the very first Census in 1979. We are very proud of our contributions to the success of all the Census conducted over the last four decades, as well as to the growth of the national statistical capacities in producing this very critical data, and other population-based surveys. Within the current framework of UNFPA Country Programme Document (CPD) for the period 2017-2021, UNFPA commits to support the GSO in not only carrying out this Census successfully, but also in producing and disseminating Census results. Producing and making good use of quality Census data, we can make a difference for better lives of all the people, and make sure to “leave no one behind”.  

I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute in advance to the dedication and professionalism of all those involved who I know will be working very hard over the next months to make sure that the 2019 census is a success.

I wish you all very good health and happiness.

Let’s make this Census a monumental success!  

Thank you very much