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The impact of Covid19 on maternal health and family planning in Viet Nam

COVID-19 threatens to become one of the most challenging tests faced by humanity in modern history. COVID-19 has the potential to take lives, overwhelm health systems, and trigger lasting geopolitical change. The implications of COVID-19 can go far beyond the strain posed on Intensive Care Units and Infectious Disease Control departments.

In countries around Asia and the Pacific, health systems are likely to be challenged to balance the demands of responding directly to COVID-19, while simultaneously engaging in strategic planning and coordinated action to maintain essential health service delivery, mitigating the risk of system collapse. Many countries are currently implementing transmission control measures such as lockdowns, travel bans and social distancing. The consequent disruption of services on already overstretched health systems and the diversion of resources from essential sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services are expected to increase the risk of maternal and child morbidity and mortality, as shown in past humanitarian crises. This technical brief presents estimation of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on maternal health and family planning in Viet Nam.