The 2015 National Internal Migration Survey: Major findings

The 2015 National Internal Migration Survey: Major findings

No. of pages: 251

Publication date: 2016

Author: UNFPA

Publisher: Viet Nam news agency publishing house

The report includes eight chapters: Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2: Types of migration, characteristics and living onditions of households, Chapter 3: Characteristics of migrants and non-migrants, Chapter 4: Migration determinants, Chapter 5: Satisfaction and difficulties associated with migration, Chapter 6: Economic activities and living condition, Chapter 7: Health, Chapter 8: Conclusion and policy recommendations. It is expected that this publication will meet the demands for basic information on internal migration and serve the purposes of research and policy planning. In addition, the information can be used to plan development policies by government agencies as well as meeting the needs of internal and external users, especially those that are working in the field of management, policy planning, research and investment.