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On April 1, 2019, Viet Nam will officially launch the 5th Census on Population and Housing. The first Census was conducted in 1979. UNFPA has supported all Population and Housing Censuses in the country since the very first one in 1979. The 2019 Census is the 5th one that UNFPA has provided both financial and technical support to the General Statistics Office. UNFPA's assistance covers key stages of the Census to ensure that the exercise is carried out in accordance with international standards and focuses on improving quality of data, including technical support in sampling design contributes to cost savings of the Census.

At the early stage of preparation, we supported the General Statistics Office with study visits and trainings abroad to learn from international experience in conducting a Census using Information and Communications Technology. We also assisted in conducting Census pilots using tablets and smart phones in enumeration.  UNFPA will also support the General Statistics Office in data analysis and dissemination.

Ready for 1 April 2019: The Census on Population and Housing