Infographics on some key findings of the 2019 Population and Housing Census

2019 Census Infographics

No. of pages: 04

Publication date: 2019

Author: UNFPA and GSO

The 2019 Population and Housing Census was conducted at time point 0:00 a.m. on 1 April 2019 in accordance with Decision No. 772/QĐ-TTg dated 26 June 2018 by the Prime Minister. This was the fifth Population and Housing Census in Viet Nam since the country's reunification in 1975. The 2019 Population and Housing Census collected basic information on population and housing throughout the territory of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to inform the country’s socio-economic development policies and to monitor progress on the Sustainable Development Goals committed to by the Government of Viet Nam. These infographics provide some key indicators from the 2019 Census results.